Talking Talk Shop at Just Solutions

At Talking Talk Shops, people form all backgorunds and denominations meet weekly to make positive and significant changes in their lives.

Talking Talk Shops is a not for profit organisation where people can enjoy open and confidential conversations with like minded people.  Sometimes we set goals, work on confidence building and work towards achieving solutions to our problems.

At Talking Talk Shops, we are here to refect and clarify on our thoughts.  We meet to support each other in a supportiveenvironment, peer to peer, to help people to feel more in control, active and awake both in their lives and their community.

Free weekly meetings allow al attendees to voice their thoughts in a non judgemental environment.

For information contact Gigi on 07444321795

Or email

"I have been coming here for six months now.  It's been great to listen and share other people's experiences.  It is a total mix of people which I find really interesting.  There is no pressure to say anything if you don't want to - sometimes, it is just good to listen."

Talking Talk Shops at Just Solutions will be holding the annual sponsored canal walk this Sunday, June 26th, 2016 to raise funds for the project.

The Walk leaves from Paddington Arm (Grand Union Canal) - Kensal Path at 11am returning to Sainsburys Ladbroke Grove around 3pm.

Come and have fun, riase much needed funds and help build commuity.