We believe that people who have experienced; and who are living well with mental health problems, are often the most knowledgeable, skilled and inspirational supporters of others on the recovery journey...

K&C Mind Peer Support

Our aims:

  • To create a network of organisations and individuals interested in peer support 
  • To assist organisations wanting to set up or expand peer support
  • To offer opportunities to people living well with mental illness to use their skills and experience to assist others in their recovery
  • To maximise user involvement
  • To create a dynamic environment to facilitate learning and development

Mind's Peer Support workers are:

  • Volunteers, mentors and paid staff
  • People who have experienced mental health problems and are living well
  • People who want to share their skills and experience to help others achieve their goals and ambitions
  • People who can empathise, support and encourage others on their recovery journey

    We offer:

    • A peer led, advice and information service about local resources and mental health issues
    • Opportunities for peer employment, across a number of areas
    • Training in peer support, for individuals and organisations want to set up, expand or develop peer support face to face and offline
    • Networking events
    • Our monthly Newsletter - #PeerTalk

      Peer Bank:

      We are developing a bank of peer workers, available to our Peer Support Network. If you are interested in joining the bank, complete this form and return to enquiries@kcmind.org.uk. Please note this will mean your contact details are shared with other local organisations. You may request to be removed from the bank at any time.

      For more information email enquiries@kcmind.org.uk or call 020 8964 1333 extension 7.

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