Mind believes that people are at their most powerful when they are fully engaged and have a say in issues that affect their lives…

Mind Service User Network

Mind's Service User Network, or SUN, as it is more commonly referred to, was set up to expand and develop work originating from the K&C Forum and the Black Unity Forum.  Building on the experience of local and national user groups, the SUN exists to create a network of users and survivors who care about mental health issues and who want to be part of a dynamic and influential movement.

Our aims

  • To foster a better understanding of people suffering from mental distress
  • To ensure that users and survivors of mental health services have a direct say in influencing, shaping and delivering local mental health services; and particularly those from BME communities and other represented groups

How the SUN is organised

The SUN is a volunteer based project, working across a number of activity groups designed to deliver the aims of the project.  The work of the SUN is managed by a full time staff member. Volunteers are drawn from the SUN membership.

Getting involved

There are a number of ways you can become involved, depending on your level of interest.

  • You can become a member and receive a monthly Newsletter
  • You can attend the monthly Members Meetings
  • You can volunteer to become actively involved in the SUN activity groups

Open Meetings

SUN members meetings are held monthly and these are open to anyone who would like to hear more about local services, news and mental health issues and to meet and socialise with other members.

Activity Groups

A number of activity groups meet to plan and deliver the work of the SUN.  Most groups meet approximately every six weeks and are a vital force in making service user involvement a reality.

  • The Mental Health Advisory Group
  • The Activities & Events Planning Group
  • The Newsletter Editorial Group
  • The Campaigns and Debates Group
  • The BME Group
  • Office Support Team
  • The HUB

Why you should join

The SUN is a vital part of Mind and the Borough's commitment to user involvement.  Membership provides the opportunity for you to have a major effect on mental health policy and service planning and delivery.  It also provides a great opportunity to meet new people, develop new skills, build confidence and have fun!

Who can join?

Membership is open and free to service users and survivors living in Kensington & Chelsea.

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Contact the Mind Service User Network (SUN)

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